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Papua New Guinea | List of Top Insurance & Reinsurance Companies

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This page is dedicated to Papua New Guinea and contains all insurance and reinsurance related resources including but not limited to list of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, brokers, Surveyors, Loss Adjusters, Risk Managers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Local & International Insurance Institutes, Insurance College and Insurance & Reinsurance Regulators. Please remember that this is a collaborative website and if you have any additional information or if you want to add an insurance company which is not listed on this page - you may do so by clicking on 'Add a Company' link on the top of this page. The website shall be updated instantly.

Papua New Guinea: Country Profile

Area: 463,000 sq km (288,000 sq mi)
Population: 7.0 million (October 2012)
Capital city: Port Moresby (pop: 400,000 in the National Capital District)
People: Mainly Melanesian, but some Polynesian and Micronesian, Papuan and Negrito.
Language(s): There are over 820 different languages with English, Pidgin and Hiri Motu the most widely spoken.
Religion(s): PNG's constitution declares that PNG is a Christian country. About 27 % are Catholics, 19 % Evangelical Lutheran, 11.5 % belong to the United Church and the remaining Christians follow the Evangelical Alliance, Seventh-Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Baptist and Anglican churches. Declared Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus each number in the hundreds.
Currency: Kina

List of Insurance & Reinsurance Companies
Insurance Regulator
List of Brokers, Loss Adjusters, TPAs & Insurance Institutes

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