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This page is dedicated to Spain and contains all insurance and reinsurance related resources including but not limited to list of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, brokers, Surveyors, Loss Adjusters, Risk Managers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Local & International Insurance Institutes, Insurance College and Insurance & Reinsurance Regulators. Please remember that this is a collaborative website and if you have any additional information or if you want to add an insurance company which is not listed on this page - you may do so by clicking on 'Add a Company' link on the top of this page. The website shall be updated instantly.

Spain: Country Profile

Area: 504,782 km², of which 499,542 km² is land and 5,240 km² is water.
Population: 46.9 million (source INE Spanish National Statistics Office 2010)
Capital City: Madrid
Languages: Castilian Spanish, Catalan - 17%, Galician - 7%, Basque - 2%
Life Expectancy: 78 male, 84 female (source World Health Organisation)
People: Approximately 12% of the Spanish population are foreign nationals. Top foreign nationalities in Spain are Romanian (861k), Moroccan (777k), Ecuadorian, (380k), British (226k registered with the police and 1 million who spend at least part of the year in Spain) and Colombian (227k).
Religions: Roman Catholic - 94%; Protestant/other - 6% (source CIA World Factbook)
Currency: Euro

List of Insurance & Reinsurance Companies
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